• Turn to us for your next re-pipe project. Our technicians can re-pipe a bathroom or an entire apartment complex using the latest in pipe technology all with minimum down time for the occupants.
Hydro Jetting
• Let us introduce you to the finest water jetting machine available to the commercial plumbing industry. Our Diesel powered trailer unit is able to water jet lines as small as two inch all the way up to 24 inch pipe. This machine will leave your drainage system clean and flowing like new. Our units are all self contained and are capable of working inside of your business with minimal disruption to your operations.
Video Inspection
• Paramount Plumbing specializes in video inspection of your entire plumbing systems. Whether the video inspection is to find a bad pipe joint, look for root intrusion, or for a county or municipality inspection, we can record and produce professional quality videos in multiple formats and provide them promptly to you. We have the capability to video inspect 3” to 24” pipe and beyond using either our portable or trailer mounted robotic cameras.
Smoke Detection
• We also provide smoke injection services. This is used to diagnose problems in the venting systems of the building. We can find the source of odors and diagnose slow flushing toilets where other companies have failed.


Clog Removal
• Each of our service vehicles is equipped with a cable cleaning machine capable of quickly unclogging the most stubborn of jams. We can also rod out main lines into homes and businesses, removing roots and other debris there for extending the life of your system.
Leak Detection
• We offer leak detection services for both wall and slab leaks. After we locate the source of the leak we will promptly repair the problem no matter where the leak is located. We have the heavy equipment needed to fix even the largest main line leaks.

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Paramount Plumbing’s 24 hour state of the art service department utilizes a fleet of fully stocked service vehicles ready to respond promptly to all your plumbing service needs. We specialize in the needs of the restaurant industry, including today’s most advanced tankless water heating systems and boilers. Let Paramount Plumbing set you up on one of our many preventative maintenance plans that include maintenance of your entire drainage system to eliminate clogs and grease build up in the lines.

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